Having not posted in quite a while, I have a lot of minor posts from the summer vacation, that are yet to be posted. Most of them I'll probably be posting up here in the following days and weeks - Things such as what I've been thinking about during the summer, comments on books I've read and generally my architectural observations and experiences. This is the first of these posts.

I have a saying that says "Great boredom leads to great creativity". This saying of mine become reallity (several times) during the summer months, but the part that states great is perhaps a tad bit overstated in my case. Either way, I was bored one day, and I started playing around with the infamous program, Adobe Illustrator. I'm a keen user of both Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, but I rarely use Illustrator, so I decided to play a little with it, and see what I can do. At the same time, I was flirting with a new sketching style, so I decided that trying new drawings out in Illustrator would be a good start. 

The results are rather random, and I've made completely spontanious drawings all the way, rather than sketching something specific. My main goal was after all just to explore the drawing capabilities that the application was capable of.

My drawings may be of a questionable quality, partially due to them being drawing with nothing else than a standard PC mouse, and partially due to my somewhat questionable drawing skills (I'm usually quite unsatisfied with my sketches and drawings!). But there's no doubt that some amazing can be made in the digital universe, if one has the right tools!

By the right tools, I mean tools such as digital pens and pads that can be connected to computers, or even better, tablet devices such as the iPad. I've always been questionable about the true purpose of the iPad, but having tried digital drawing in Illustrator, I can imagine it is, with its touch-screen, a device the achieves perfect harmony between digital and analog drawing!

Unfortunately, due to its high-end price and my miserable student's economy, I'm not even close to being able to purchase one, but I have to admit, I've applied for a competition or two to win one, since I tried the digital sketching media! For those of you who love drawing and sketching and can afford an iPad, I simply can't recommend it enough, and saying that it is nothing less than the future of sketching and drawing, is to me in no way an exaggeration!

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- Andy Minchev