It's been quite a while since I last updated the blog, and this post is an optimistic step towards more frequent posting. At school, we've been doing some minor projects and workshops, while lately we've begun our big semester project. (more about that in an upcoming post). What should've been the most interesting event during the last few weeks and months, was a studytrip to Japan, but due to diplomatic difficulties, I ended up being the only student in my department who didn't come along! This sad story is more of a personal case, and I shall thus spare you the rather boring bureaucratic details of its nature. Since I never made it to Japan, I went on a short trip to Amsterdam instead, which I will also post about soon. Other than these events, I'm currently working on the before-mentioned semester-project, while also partially working on an idea-competition for a redesign of Copenhagen's City Hall Square. That just about sums up my recent activities, so on to the posts!

- Andy Minchev