As our studies progress, we have come to the point where we are to learn the more advanced graphical and technical computer programs. For about a week ago, we finished the first of a few CAD and rendering courses that are to come. The first course, was about working with and rendering in AutoDesk 3D Studio Max. As some of you may know, this is an extremely advanced program, used to make visuals for high-budget film and animation productions and also computer and console games. The limits are few with this program, which of course is a plus, but also quite a problem. The vast possibilities have made it quite the complicated application, so fortunately, we were only introduced to the tools we need in order to make architectural render scenes.

The rendering scenes we were to make, are those of our previous project (link at the bottom of this post). The theme I was going for here, was to illustrate the evolution from a techincal CAD drawing to a photorealistic render. The original 3D model is made in SketchUp 8, the rendering in 3D Studio Max Design 2012 and finally after effects, entourage and such are all made in Adobe Photoshop CS5. That's all there is to say really, I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story - But do keep in mind, that these are my first renderings in 3D Studio Max.

Further reading:
- http://goo.gl/GmfNx (post about the project)

- Andy Minchev