Krøyers plads is a plot of land located in an extremely attractive area, right out to the Copenhagen waterfront, on the opposite side of the charming restaurant and bar area of Nyhavn. This plot of land has stood empty for over a decade, due to issues with finding an architectural project that suits the desires and needs of the local population in the Christianshavn area (a bunch that are always rather capricious and critical towards any new developement in the area). But after all this time, the local population, the municipality and the architects of this new project have finally come to an idea, which they all believe suits the needs and wants of all the parties involved. The result is a project that follows the historical structuring of the historical warehouse buildings along the waterfront, while giving the area a fresh new twist as well. With a new cyclist and pedestrian bridge being built across the channel in the same area, it is expected that life and social activity in this otherwise quiet area will grow at the completion of the projects. Do mind, that the pictures of the new project, are the ones right after the one underneath, which is the first submitted project, that was canceled, due to complains about its dominant height.

Above: The first proposal for the square, by the Dutch architect Eric van Egeraat.
Below: The current proposal, by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and COBE Architects. 

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- Andy Minchev