Every once in a while, things need change and my blog is by no means an exception. Recently I've been working to simplify my presentational style, making it as neutral and minimal as possible, and I thought I'd carry this new design style of mine on to the blog as well. As you may have noticed first of all, the logo has been removed. Since it is a personal blog, and not that of some architectural studio or such, I decided that the logo is irrelevant. Also, the text on the blog has been shrinked a tiny bit, and I'm planning on putting an emphasis on the visual material rather than text, by gathering all the text in the beginning of the post and posting only images the rest of the way, making the blog more pleasant to the not-reading visitor. Finally, I've made the Blogger navbar black, since it stands in an aestethically pleasing contrast to the almost all-white blog. This is inspired by Google's black bar, which I believe stands in a very pleasant contrast to the white and simple start page. There are some minor changes I'm considering, such as removing the little frame from the images, but I'll leave it for now. Enjoy!

- Andy Minchev