Most of the time I write about my own projects, pictures and concepts on my blog, but every once in a while, I come across projects on the internet that inspire me so greatly, that I feel my experience of them grows personal. This time I came across this spectacular house project in China, that excellently integrates a house with local traditional building, while also designing a house that is in perfect harmony with its amazing natural surroundings. (Do note, all pictures and the project itself were found on Architizer). 

As far as I read on the website, this house is built just by the foot of a mountain and overlooks a vast plain on it's other side. The architect of the building (Li Xiaodong Altelier) has masterly used the water pools surrounding the structure to reflect its surroundings, celebrating the magnificent natural surroundings and the vast open sky.

As you can see on the above photo, the reflecting water surface truly creates an absolutely fantastic view and without going too deep into Asian clichés, also a perfect spot for meditation I can imagine! Definitely a place where the mind, body and soul can be in harmony with nature.

The traditional style, as seen above, seems to allow effective natural ventilation, with its open façade. Furthermore, I'm sure the water surrounding the house also allows for great natural cooling during the summer months out in the continental Chinese landscape. These were my comments on the project, I believe the details deserve to be read on Architizer and/or at the architect's website, both links being right below here.

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- Andy Minchev