Skateistan: To Live and Skate in Kabul is a short, 10 minute documentary about a young group of skaters in the war-plagued country of Afghanistan. I highly recommend you go to the YouTube site to watch the video in HD.

The documentary itself doesn't directly focus on architectural and urban themes, but the footage of the capital of Kabul - a city wrecked by the destruction of war - is amazing. It is interesting (and to say the least, rather tragic as well) to see how the Afghani urban society interacts with and lives in such a city of ruins. The story told in the documentary is furthermore one of hope. It shows how young Afghanis, despite their tragic conditions, seek to live out their passion, and how they seek ways to skateboard and play in areas that are utterly destroyed. The young skateboarders' ability to interact with the ruins of war and decayed architecture in an entertaining manner is utmost inspiring and brave. The story itself is a strong and dramatic one, about how a young generation tries to ignore the condition of its society, and seek joy and serenity - A generation that is hoping for a brighter future.

- Andy Minchev