Concrete Ocean is a series of urban installations by a street artist by the name of Slinkachu. The installations consist of miniature people-figures that are placed in real-life locations, to create scenes that are similiar to those of actual real life situations. This is achieved by heavy zooming into tiny urban areas (or rather elements) such as lamp posts, sidewalks, etc.

The interesting thing is that there is a huge focus on those tiny spaces that we hardly ever notice in the urban landscape, spaces such as a tiny crack on a railing or the little space created between the meeting spot of a wall and the ground, and so on. From an architectural perspective, I believe that such unnoticed miniature spaces might just have some strong, unexplored architectural potential. Next time you're moving around town, you might want to take an extra look at those tiny spots, because you never know what fascinating tiny spaces you might find. The artist's street art photography is currently displayed in London's Andipa Gallery.

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- Andy Minchev