Today I happened to have a load of spare time, so I decided to take a look at the blog. I quickly realized that the layout and design needed a new touch, and the logo above just didn't fit in. So I spent about two hours trying to make a concept for a new logo. During this time, I experimented with dozens of different complex logos, but at the end, I realized (as so many times before) that the most simple solution, was the most aesthetically pleasing one. Perhaps I should begin with the simple concepts next time I start on such a project! Furthermore, I've taken a look at the layout of the blog, and decided to narrow the main text area, in order to make the text "tighter" and thus more readable. The font has been changed from Arial to Calibri due to its elegance, and finally, I've also narrowed the side-menu, and simplified my personal introduction into one single textbox instead of the rather job-application layout with name, occupation, etc. Hope you find this new layout more pleasant and orderly!

- Andy Minchev